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HMSA Year 1 Portfolio Protocols

Career Research

1. Each 9 weeks reflect on at least 3 potential careers in Health and Medical science by adding a New Post for each career researched. Title the post the name of the Career you are researching. 

2. Use a minimum of two sources of information including Internet websites and other resources that enable you to complete the requested information. 

3. Summarize the information using a bullet format and the sub-headings listed below: 

o Correct Name of the Career 

o Education and/or Training Required 

o Responsibilities and Daily Activities 

o Salary Range 

o Documentation of Sources ( the Internet websites and other resources used. All sources should be listed in MLA Format)

o Self-Reflection ( Use a few sentences to describe your level of interest in this profession and why you would or would not pursue this career option)


Community Service

After completing your 5 hours of community service work each 9 weeks, you will write a reflection that will give you an opportunity to revisit or look back upon your service. Hours will not be counted for time volunteering as a babysitter, pet sitter, helping around the house, etc. The idea is to be actively involved with an organization to help the greater community.

1. Add a new post for the primary community service you performed. 

2. Title the post so that it identifies in which grading period the service was completed. (ex. Service Journal 1st 9 weeks)

3. In several organized paragraphs address the questions; what, so what, now what. What? (Reporting what happened, objectively). Without judgement or interpretation, describe in detail the facts and event(s) of the service experience. 


So What? (Identify how your service relates to the field of health and medical science. What did you learn? What difference did the event make?) Discuss your feelings, ideas, and analysis of the service experience


Now What? (How will you think or act in the future as a result of this experience?) Consider broader implications of the service experience. How did/will your service impact the community?  


Skills Journal

1. Each 9 weeks you should reflect on at least 3 new skills or pieces of equipment you have gained experience with throughout the course by adding a new post

2. In each post identify and describe laboratory skills and equipment and explain how the skill and/equipment can be used in future careers. 

Enhance each entry with pictures/videos